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Complete Mold Remediation in Newark, NJ

In as little as 24 hours, mold can go from an annoying infestation to a toxic safety hazard. That’s what makes a fast response essential. At P & M Mold Pro, we give our customers the support they need to feel safe and avoid further spread. With our team’s help, you can get the mold remediation in Newark, NJ, that you need and the caring service you deserve. Our qualified professionals come equipped to do whatever it takes to keep a colony from overtaking your home, including: 

  • Removal
  • Cleaning
  • Sanitization
  • Demolition

We don’t care how complex the job is -- just that you and your family stay safe. Mold spreads for as long as there’s enough moisture to support it, so don’t wait to reach out for help.

Treatable Mold

In many cases, our mold removal service can solve the issue with minimal disruption. If the growth on your property is treatable, we combine an antibacterial disinfectant with a mold-resistant sealant to get rid of the colony you see and prevent spores from spreading after we’re gone. In these best-case scenarios, you won’t have to worry about extensive changes. We’ll quickly take care of the cleaning you need so that you can get back to your usual routine.

Untreatable Mold

Sometimes, the deepest clean won’t leave you safe from mold. Fortunately, we can help even when the infestation seems untreatable by conventional means. Our specialists have the tools and training to assist even the most serious issues in your home or business. We employ several steps to make sure the problem is solved completely:

1.     Placing All Infected Material in Sealed Bags

2.     Treat and Remediate

3.     Apply a HEPA Vacuum

4.     Re-Fog the Entire Building

This thorough approach gives you the confidence you need to keep using your space, even after a major infection. Get in touch with us today for a free mold inspection and see how we can assist with your remediation needs. 

Treatable Mold

If your mold should turn out to be treatable, we will treat all affected surfaces with antibacterial mold disinfectant and capsulate the area with a mold resistant sealant. This makes it very difficult for mold to grow again on the surface.

Untreatable Mold

If the mold in your home or business should turn out to be untreatable, more aggressive measures will have to be taken. We will put all infected material in sealed plastic bags and remove it from the premises. You don't want to risk further contamination of your building!

After remediation and treatment of the area, we use a HEPA vacuum on all the infected and non- infected areas and re-fog the entire building. We also wipe down all the contents of the immediate areas with anti-mold disinfectant. Give us a call and stay mold free.

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