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Mold Remediation For Newark, NJ

Did you know that mold can grow and become fully toxic in 24-48 hours if given the right environment?

Rely on our qualified expert mold removal company to zone off areas affected by mold and deal with the issue promptly. Mold doesn't stand a chance against our skilled team. If we catch the issue quickly we can start mold remediation for Newark, NJ, New York City and beyond. If the issue has grown to large we also offer untreatable mold help.

Treatable Mold

If your mold should turn out to be treatable, we will treat all affected surfaces with antibacterial mold disinfectant and capsulate the area with a mold resistant sealant. This makes it very difficult for mold to grow again on the surface.

Untreatable Mold

If the mold in your home or business should turn out to be untreatable, more aggressive measures will have to be taken. We will put all infected material in sealed plastic bags and remove it from the premises. You don't want to risk further contamination of your building!

After remediation and treatment of the area, we use a HEPA vacuum on all the infected and non- infected areas and re-fog the entire building. We also wipe down all the contents of the immediate areas with anti-mold disinfectant. Give us a call and stay mold free.